LCL Agency, Paris

Project Management

LCL (Le Crédit Lyonnais) banque

Subject Mastery

Architectural firm “GL.A”, Gérard LAINE


Saint-Gobain Gypse “Plâtre”

Showroom & Boutiques, Heritage, Stucco
About This Project

Renovation of the main stairwell of a Crédit Lyonnais building

The winners of the 6th Trophées Internationaux

Saint-Gobain Gypsum Trophy “Plaster”: The company S.O.E Stuc and Staff for the agency LCL Paris, France

The company SOE Stuc and Staff, wins the international jury vote for the repair of the main stairwell of a building of the Crédit Lyonnais located on the Champs-Elysées and its magnificent dressing Stucco Marble and Stucco Stone.

12 to 15 people (renovators, plasterers, staffers, sanders …) realized from scratch, between the ground floor and the first floor, a stairwell located in the extension of an existing structure. They have recreated identical the plaster projected walls and the century-old decor with staff cornices, wall panels and baseboards in Stucco Marble and Stone Stucco. A real work of restoration and composition that requires meticulousness and artistic sense and uses ancestral techniques going back to Egypt and Mesopotamia, today mastered only by a few companions in France!