Castle of Sceaux

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Project Management

Conseil General des Hauts de Seine

Subject Mastery

Madame Delacroix, architect of the Buildings of France - Mister Lavit, Inspector of the Monuments of France & Museum Curator

Gypsum, Heritage, Prestige
About This Project

The castle of Sceaux was built between 1856 and 1862, decorated by the Architect Le Souffaché, for the Duc de Trévise.

A photo dating from 1930, before the demolition of the woodwork, found that it had been copied to the decor of the oval lounge of the Hotel de Soubise.

Archival research, making a model, scale 1 drawings of the attributes of the cornice as well as all the ornate panels.
Montage of the architecture, modeling and carving of the whole ornamentation.
The sculptures were modeled in clay and plastiline.
The molds were cast in elastomer and the decorations made in staff.

Restitution of the entirety original decoration of the big living room.