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SOE STUC & STAFF present its work on Hôtel The Peninsula in Paris
and its participation to the “Trophée Internet PLACO 2015”

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Rehabilitation of the ancient historical monument of 1908 known under the name of « Le Majestic Hôtel » into a luxury hotel of 200 rooms and suites. The works to redo the entire place lasted a little more than 4 years, the company of plastering had to redo as before pilasters, rotundas or other ornaments of ceilings.
The companions, leaning on plans realized according to the statements before demolition or of archives, redid as before of the beginning of the century, walls, pilasters, columns, consoles and ceilings in stucco stone or stucco marbles, imitating the pigments of the decorations of this time.
Works of gypsery were also made for the repairs of ledges. To note that the person in charge of the company decided to equip his companions with exosquelettes (exoskeleton) in order to facilitate the work of sanding.

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