The practice of the stucco requires a long technical knowledge to be acquired. The Stucco man needs to have obvious manual qualities, intellectual capacities of perseverance and a sake of the perfection, artistic capacities and a physical robustness bound to the toughness of certain works.


  • The Stucco plasterer – Stucco carver
  • The Stucco composer
  • The Sandstone stucco man
  • The Polisher


The Equipment

The individual tools panoply of the Stucco man, which is extremely vast, must be complete and of quality in order to face the necessities of the diverse works and the diverse types of stucco to be implemented. It contains lots of trowels, rabbet planes, small various planes, stones made for surfacing. The Stucco man tools, which for the greater part are not sold in shops, are made by the Companions and are passed on from generation to generation.


The training of the Stucco man, who is a highly qualified specialist, is made only inside a company.